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About Us


Annex Nutrition Services, Inc is a full service organization that provides nutrition care services and consultation to both patients and health care providers. We consult with physicians on challenging nutritional-related diagnoses and conditions. The company started in October 2003 and has since helped countless number of individuals lose weight effectively and manage diabetes, cholesterol and other chronic diseases.

Annex Nutrition Services, Inc currently practices in the states of  Florida and New York. Among our satisfied clients are Independence Care System, St Cloud Regional Hospital Center, Florida Hospital, Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center and Skilled Nursing Facility and a host of patients who have experienced improvement  in their medical-nutritional status as a result of our intervention.

Our Mission


 Our mission is to provide our clients with nutrition education and optimal nutrition care that will enable them to make healthy lifestyle changes that will improve quality of life and maintain good health.

Our Founder and CEO


Jacqueline Morris RD, MPH, CDN is the founder and CEO of Annex Nutrition Services, Inc. She is the author of "Dietitian's  Guide to Assessment and Documentation"  a text used by both nutrition students and dietitians both locally and abroad. Ms. Morris is a graduate of Lehman College and New York University and has been practicing nutrition for over 30 years. She is a public speaker and ambassador for nutrition and health.